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While other martial arts schools do not tell you their tuition information, membership fees, and other training costs, until you have first taken a tour of their facility, we break that mold. We want you to be informed and to make a rational decision, after weighing all the benefits of Karate classes. This is not to say that commercial schools are bad. We simply believe you should have direct answers to your questions, and we work hard to provide that. Solis Academy of Martial arts is a non-commercial school, which means we don't rely on the income from teaching to support our work. We never place the dollar value above what you will learn, and we're not about to change that.

True Benefits

Many of the benefits of Karate classes and martial arts training cannot be measured by what they cost. However, when you receive something of value, without acknowledging its worth, then the value can be overlooked.

We teach more of the original intent behind the art of Karate, which is pure self-defense and protection. We want every student to properly value what they are being given, and the investment being made in them. Stop by for more information on becoming a member, or to join one of our classes.

Monthly Tuition is $80 a month, $40 for each additional family member

Membership to Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) is required and is $15 a year and renewed every August.