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"Improve your Child's Fitness, Life Skills, Discipline, Respect, Confidence, Self-esteem, Anti Bully Skills and the development of strong character."

Traditional Karate is the best thing you can do for your child. 

In our children's karate classes we teach why good nutrition is important and we encourage students accomplish a healthy diet.
We lead our students through excellent workouts that improve physical conditioning and mental attitude.
We build confidence in our students so they can stand up and say no to negative peer pressure. We empower and educate kids not to be victims. We teach self defence so our students don't have to be afraid of bullies. Our students become leaders not followers.
We inspire our students to become enthusiastic and motivated in school.

Our Karate program is skill based developing motor skills and laying the foundations of self-discipline and a positive outlook at home and school. Our programs create a very positive association between learning having fun and self-discipline. We structure programs at a level specifically for your child's age and experience. Classes are energetic, positive, fun and versatile.

​SOLIS ACADEMY OF MARTIAL ARTS programs greatly improve our student's chances for achieving happiness and success.

Karate is a great form of physical exercise, encouraging health & well-being for your child. Along with Karate's instilled philosophies, Karate training teaches children about life, about others, and about themselves, as individuals. Through Karate training, children become accustomed to the virtues of hard work, concentration, planning, and self-discipline. By doing so, Students soon learn that by applying themselves & working hard, they are rewarded with recognition & achievement.

Students also learn valuable self-evaluation skills. They will learn the importance of learning from their miStakes

Our specialized training approach aims to condition students to become calm, focused, and goal setting in everything they do. This often has a direct bearing on how our students apply themselves more conscientiously at school.

SOLIS ACADEMY OF MARTIAL ARTS is a traditional Japanese Karate club. Our teaching techniques introduce children to the insights of Japanese language, culture, and tradition. This expands their personal skills in many ways, and opens their eyes to learning about interesting people & places in other parts of the world.

Students also develop important life & social skills, such as etiquette & manners. The Sensei educates the importance of team cooperation and showing respect not only to teaches, but to peers, elders, family and friends.

At Solis Academy of Martial Arts, children uncover the true value of what it means to learn, and by doing so, discover themselves!

Children ought to have a guardian present with them for their first trial lesson.