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Kata in Karate are arranged according to the level of complexities and intricacies in the movements, and if performed by novice practitioners before they become mature in the art, they would miss the essential and the movement would be more like a show. It contains abstract and symbolic movements which become revealing after years of practice. The ancient masters used to hide meanings and special techniques within a kata in such a way that only the worthiest students would ever discover these meanings. For this reason, bunkai or kaiseki (analysis of kata) becomes very important to the sincere student.

The aspects of kata that need to be mastered:-

1.    Kishin no yoi – Development of the correct mind before starting

2.    Embusen – Follow the prescribed pattern and angle

3.    Tai no shinshuku – The expansion and contraction of the body

4.    Kamae - Attitude.  Each technique and the kata itself must be performed with the correct attitude.

5.    Correct attention on the following

           o    Waza - technique.

           o    Sokudo - speed.

           o    Kime - Focus.

           o    Nagare - Flow.

           o    Sekaku - Accuracy.

           o    Kokyu - Breathing.

6.    Waza no kankyu – Correct speed and movement with the appropriate techniques

7.    Ketai no Hoji – Beauty of form and posture

8.    Kiai – Correct unification of internal energy and spirit.

9.    Zanshin – Harmony with the environment.

10.  Seika Tanden Kokyu – proper hara breathing for development of energy

11.  Chakugan – Focus of attention

12.  Kata no tokucho –Focus on the uniqueness of the kata

13.  Kokoro wa Shizuka - Always maintain a calm mind and spirit.