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Junbi Undo is one of the cornerstones of Goju Ryu. Created by Miyagi Chojun Sensei after extensive research with medical professionals into the workings of the human body, the junbi undo of Goju-Ryu are more than a warm up but a way of instilling martial movement and building a body of good health. 

The exercises contained within junbi undo not only loosen the joints, they promote mobility and martial movement. Relating specifically to Karate technique, the various methods gradually raise the heart rate, promote circulation, regulate the breathing, massage the internal organs, and boost the immune system. Body-weight exercises designed to improve flexibility and strengthen the muscles, tendons and spirit of the practitioner. Breathing exercises introduce the concept of hakkei and how to issue power using the entire body and breath. Many of the movements transfer directly into Kata demonstrating the link.  

The basic idea of warming-up exercises is to start at the farthest place from the heart and prepare for Keiko (training) . During the exercises, the hands are placed on the belt when they are not being utilized and the feet are paralleled to the width of the shoulders.

They are 18 items and last 25 to minutes to complete 

1. Toe joints and Ankles: a. starting with the right foot, alternately bend all the toes down and up ten times; b. bend the big toe up and the other toes down ten times and c. rotate the ankle from the left to the right then reverse the action ten times.

2. Knee joints: a. close the feet and bend the knees all the way down to the feet (the heels should be flat on the floor) and stand up while stretching knees by supporting with hands ten times: b. rotate the knees from the left to the right then reverse the action ten times.

3. Ankle and calves: using a parallel stance, first lift the heels up and then place them on the floor standing up only on the heels and pull the entire body back. Repeat the actions ten times.

4.Legs: spread the legs wide; a. push the right foot firmly against the floor (the toes should be placed on the floor facing the outside); push the heel at a ninety degrees angle toward outside and press the leg down; c. pull the toes up and stand on the heel; the other knee is bent while the hips push down deeply (alternate with both legs).

5. Hip waist, and stomach: spread the legs wide and hold the hands together above the head: a. bend the body forwards to the floor and then backwards: b. rotate the body in a circular movement from the left to the right the reverse the action ten times.

6. Waist: Mawashi-uke movement: a. twist the body from the left side to the right four times : b. twist the body from the left side of the back of the waist to the right four times: c. twist the body downward from the left to the right four times and d. lean the body backwards while push the hands upward over the shoulders four times.

7. General exercise push-ups: a. placing the body's weight first on the fists, do thirty push-ups, keeping the back perfectly straight. b. placing the body's weight on the fingertips, arch the back and do ten push-ups, using the "dipping" movement.

8. Fingers: press the open hands together and stretch the palms; b. press the fingers together and stretch the joints, and shake out both hands well. 

9. Shoulder joints: lift the elbows to shoulder level and pull the arms back to stretch the chest.

10.General exercise: sit-ups; sit on the floor with a partner and clasp legs together; do one hundred sit-ups, without letting the shoulders touch the floor.

11.Stomach muscles: laying flat on the floor, raise the legs and the neck about six inches from the floor and hold this position for about thirty seconds each time.

12. Back: laying flat on the floor, roll the legs back over the head and then sit up, pushing the head to the knees (repeat this exercise ten time.

13. Toes: sitting on the floor, stretch the toes up and down then rotate the ankles (alternate with both feet).

14. Hip: joints: sitting on the floor, raise the right foot up to the chest supporting by hands and repeat the same motion with the left foot ten times.

15. General exercise: "squats"; using a parallel stance cross the arms and do between thirty and fifty deep-knee bends, keeping the back straight.

16. Hip: joints: using the parallel stance, place the hands on the belt and raise each knee up to the chest starting from the right knee ten times.

17. Hip joints: using the parallel stance, stretch the right leg up toward the head ten times, keeping the leg straight(repeat the same with the left leg).

18. Neck: a. place the chin on the chest and stretch the head back ten times, tensing the neck muscles; b. rotate the head in a circular movement first toward the left and then right ten times; and c. turn the head from the left side to the right quickly then reverse the action ten times.e your paragraph here.