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Our Virtues (Dojo-Kun)

Dojo-Kun is a Japanese martial arts term literally meaning “training hall rules”. The Dojo-Kun are a set of guidelines for Karate practitioners, derived from the founders. Traditionally, the Dojo-kun are generally posted at the entrance to dojo or at the "front" of the dojo (shomen) and they outline the behaviour expected and disallowed. At Solis Academy of Martial Arts, the students and teacher recite these at the beginning and end of each class. These are the ideals that we strive for in our study and practice of Karate. 

1. We are proud to study the Spirit of Goju Ryu.

2. We shall practice being courteous.

3. We shall be quick to seize opportunity.

4. We shall always practice patience.

5. We shall always keep the "Fighting Spirit" of Karate.