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Welcome to Solis Academy of Martial Arts. The Dojo was formed as a vehicle for the passing of martial arts to anyone who has an interest in a non-rigid and non-dogmatic way. Its prime philosophy is to disseminate knowledge so it can be fostered and shared with anyone. We seek to foster positive virtues in our colleagues and friends while providing a complete life-protection system for adults and children. We hope to cultivate karate classes that builds character, sincerity, integrity, perseverance, and respect through sharing and learning. An open mind is essential to achieve this goal.

In this day and age, with all the changes that are happening around us, our philosophy is to pass the right values to our students for them to understand the essence of martial art. At Solis Academy of Martial Arts, our core values are to ensure that people of all walks of life are given the chance to practice the art within a positive environment. We should never forget the past as it forms part of our present and it is for this reason that we lay great emphasis on the classical values of martial art.