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Meaning of the word "Aikido"

The word "Aikido" in Japanese is made up of three characters. The first and most important is "AI", which means "to meet, to come together, to harmonize". An other meaning of the word "AI" is "love". The second character is "KI", which means "energy, spirit, mind".  The third and last character is "DO", which means "the way," to signify that in the study of Aikido the purpose of practicing techniques goes beyond self-defense to become a practice along the "way" or path to attaining harmony with oneself and others.

These three Japanese characters, "AI-KI-DO", therefore, can be translated as " THE WAY of HARMONIZING ENERGY.
Philosophy of Aikido

The practice of Aikido is vigorous and demanding, but Aikido is not a sport.  There are no competitive tournaments.  Students work cooperatively with partners to master complex physical techniques, taking turns throwing, pinning or falling.  Characterized by flowing, circular movements, Aikido emphasizes blending with an attack to neutralize aggressors, using position and timing to capture the other’s center.  Aikido is appropriate for men, women and children of all ages and fitness levels.

Aikido is not merely an art of self-defense. Into its techniques are woven elements of philosophy, psychology, and dynamics. As one learns the various skills, he will at the same time train his mind, improve his health and develop self-confidence. Through the physical practice, the student of Aikido comes to understand the mental and spiritual aspects of Aikido. During practice, partners work out in harmony with each other, learning when and how to yield, how to lead another person's movement, and how to create resolution through non-resistive techniques.

Aikido Seminar are given by Michael Moreno Shihan.